Example Conversation - Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Nama: 1. Nikmatul Fadilah
            2. Rizka Hidayatul Umami
Prodi: Ilmu Al-Qur’an dan Tafsir 2B


Dila     : Hy mi, good morning J
Rizka   : Hello mah, good morning. What do you feel in this morning?
Dila     : I feel very nice today. How about you mi?
Rizka   : Yeah, today is very fine. Look! what a beautiful your drees. Where do you buy?
Dila     : Really? I buy my dress at online shop. Do you ever listen it?
Rizka   : Eemb... I ever listen it, but i never invite the online shop. Hehe J,
Dila     : Ouh, what a pity you are. This is my new dress and I buy it from my friend who have the online shop.

Rizka   : How you know if she sell many drees?
Dila     : She put on advertisement in facebook and when i was watching my facebook, there was notification about many dress who sold.
Rizka   : When you meet her mah?
Dila     : At 10 o’clock three days ago. Did you extracted with online shop mi?
Rizka   : What? I don’t believe about that. May be many dress at online shop are very expensive.
Dila     : Come on mi... Not all dresses in online shop are expensive. Example my dress. It very inexpensive.
Rizka   : Are you sure?
Dila     : Yes, i am sure.
Rizka   : Ok.. Next time i will try to buy at online shop.
Dila     : Yapps... what do you think about our examination?
Rizka   : Very dificult you know, but it like challenge for us.
Dila     : I feel the examination in this year is very different. Are you agree with my opinion?
Rizka   : Yeah, I agree mah. Do you have problem in our lesson?
Dila     : I have many problem mi, i can’t study seriously now. How about you?
Rizka   : Same with you mah. Sometimes i feel very sad if i see our situations
Dila     : Yess, may be we must study hard more and more than before
Rizka   : I hope we can be better next time
Dila     : Amiin. Do you want to back in ma’had now?
Rizka   : Yes, would you like to accompany me?

Dila     : Sure. Let’s go!!! J

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